Stainless Steel Flagpole

Ultrasonic Welding Testing Inspection of Big Stainless Steel Flagpole


We do Ultrasonic Welding Testing (Ultrasonic Inspection UT) for big stainless steel flagpole as usual.

Ultrasonic Inspection UT

On many items a visual inspection is not enough to determine/detect imperfections and for sub-surface testing this is where the Ultrasonic Testing is most useful.

Flagpole Non Destructive Testing Consultants carry out Ultrasonic Inspections on steel materials and on varying configurations from pipe work, welds and castings.

Ultrasonic Inspection methods are most useful to the manufacturing, metallurgy, steel construction industry, aerospace industry, and transportation industry.

Where faults compromising material integrity may be found and high quality counts, call us for non destructive testing of your product.

Ultrasonic Welding Testing Inspection of Big Stainless Steel Flagpole Flagpole Knowledge

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

This method of testing makes use of mechanical vibrations similar to sound waves but of higher frequency. A beam of ultrasonic energy is directed into the object to be tested. This beam travels through the object with insignificant loss, except when it is intercepted and reflected by a discontinuity. The ultrasonic contact pulse reflection technique is used. This system uses a transducer that changes electrical energy into mechanical energy. The transducer is excited by a high-frequency voltage, which causes a crystal to vibrate mechanically. The crystal probe becomes the source of ultrasonic mechanical vibration. These vibrations are transmitted into the test piece through a coupling fluid, usually a film of oil, called a couplant.

When the pulse of ultrasonic waves strikes a discontinuity in the test piece, it is reflected back to its point of origin. Thus the energy returns to the transducer. The transducer now serves as a receiver for the reflected energy. The initial signal or main bang, the returned echoes from the discontinuities, and the echo of the rear surface of the test piece are all displayed by a trace on the screen of a cathode-ray oscilloscope. The detection, location, and evaluation of discontinuities become possible because the velocity of sound through a given material is nearly constant, making distance measurement possible, and the relative amplitude of a reflected pulse is more or less proportional to the size of the reflector.

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